Family ticket to visit four tourist sites

Four tourist sites

The houses of the priests -
the Herodian quarter

At the Herodian Quarter site, we get an unusual look at the daily life of Jerusalem's wealthy on the eve of the destruction of the Second Temple, about two thousand years ago: The living rooms decorated with colorful frescoes (murals), the floors decorated with beautiful mosaics, the many mikvahs of purity that perhaps indicate the residence of priests, The decorated stone tables on which rested laden plates came closer, the wine jugs and the heavy stone glasses. The site was renewed in 2024 and the visit envelops the visitors in a unique lighting experience with personal headphones, As part of a spectacular performance that tells the story of the place. The visitor's progress along the walking route passing through the antiquities is carried out through dynamic lighting, and during the journey, an impressive performance is projected in a dedicated auditorium.

The Ruined Synagogue

"He who stands on one of the mountains around Jerusalem will see the dome of the synagogue among the domes of every house, great as the moon among the stars." This is how Rabbi Yehoshua Yosef Rivlin expressed his excitement about the inauguration of the synagogue. There are few buildings that become such distinct symbols in the landscape of a city, even more so in a city with as many symbols as Jerusalem. The synagogue 'Beit Yaakov' or 'The Ruin' gained over the years this unique and distinct status. The area around the synagogue was also one of the most prominent sites of the Jewish settlement in Jerusalem, especially after the completion of its construction in 1864. Around the synagogue were some of the most important institutions of the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem: Yeshiva Etz Haim, the Beit Hadin, institutions of charity and kindness and midrash houses - Institutions that formed the characteristics of Jewish life in Jerusalem from the nineteenth century to modern times.

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