Exciting Hanukkah tours

In the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem

'Following the heroes and miracles in Jerusalem'

Would you like to visit the magical hidden allyways with the glowing candles of chanukiot?
Join us for an official tour of the chanukiot of the jewish quarter in Jerusalem in the evening when the people come out to light chanukiot with joy and singing. Would you prefer a tour while its still light out? We’d love for you to join us in the morning to breath in the sweet air of Jerusalem for a tour of thousands of years of history that took place in Jerusalem.

On the tours we will tell the story of Hanukkah, we will learn about the courageous people of the Jewish quarter and Jerusalem, and we will tour the magical allyways of the old city that are habitrd in special holiday ambience.
In the Jewish quarter we will hold a candle lighting ceremony where we will sing together accompanied by a musician.
We will start the tour and then we will make our way to the Jewish quarter.
We will walk yhe allyways, see candle lighting and experience the magical moments of the Jewish quarter, we will hear about the fighters and the Maccabees, the heroes of 1948 and more and we will enter one of the beautiful tourist sights.

Important information for the visitor:

• Language of the tour: English
• You must being this ticket
• Length of the tour: two hours
• Meeting point for the tour: Jaffa gate, inside the gate in the covered part of the gate
• cancellation terms: up until two work days before date of visit, cancellation afterwards includes payment.
• Plesse arrive at leat 10 minutes before the start of the tour.
• For people paying with a customer’s membership- there is no need to enter the coupon number- the reservation center will contact you before the tour in order to validate the ticket.
• In the morning tours we will enter two tourist sights.
End point: the wetern wall (kotel) area.
• The evening tours starting at 16:00 Include visting the Hurva synagogue and festive candle lighting.
End point: The Jewish quarter plaza.

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