Family ticket for a guided tour

Let’s travel through 3000 years in two hours!
A once in a lifetime experience, a hot and fascinating summer in the alleys of the old city

Hidden entrances, spectacular vantage points and encounters with the most beautiful and exciting places in the Jewish Quarter.

During the tour he entered 2 tourist sites: the Ruined Synagogue + the Davidson Center Archaeological Garden.

Would you like to look over the shoulder of the cruel Assyrian general who stood in front of the Jerusalem wall 2,700 years ago and hear what he said? Would you like to imagine the table of the rich of Jerusalem in the days of the Second Temple? To hear the tragic story of a Jewish rabbi who went up to the city with his followers in order to promote the coming of the Messiah? To walk through curved and less known alleys in the Jewish quarter and visit the central market of Jerusalem 1,400 years ago?

If so – you are invited to a tour of 2,700 years of history in the Jewish quarter

The tour will start at the Jaffa Gate which is the main entrance gate of the old city from where we will go down towards the Jewish quarter.
In the heart of the quarter, under the dome of the sky, we will notice the ‘extensive wall’ that was built in the days of King Hezekiah in preparation for the siege imposed on the city by the Assyrian king Sennacherib.
We will open the Bible and tell the story of a horror that ended in a miraculous rescue. From there we will continue to the Byzantine Cardo, which was the main street of Jerusalem about 1,400 years ago and enjoy the sight of the Byzantine shops painted in the spectacular mosaic project initiated by the Society for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter. A hidden and unexpected entrance will lead us to the basement of the restored synagogue whose story conjures up Jerusalem from hundreds of years ago to the present day where we will hear the story of Rabbi Yehuda Hasid and his hundreds of followers. Sounds and smells in a wonderful 360 degree view. From the observation deck we will hear the special stories that the stones have to tell, from there we will go down to the pilgrims’ road from the time of the Second Temple above the street we will see the remains of the Robinson Arch that served as an entrance to the Temple Mount 2000 years that we can still read in our day. On our way to the Southern Wall, we will visit the magnificent mikvahs where the pilgrims were baptized before ascending to the Temple. We will finish the tour at the monumental steps that in the days of the Second Temple led to the “rat gates” that served as one of the main entrances to the Temple Mount.

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